October 29, 2023 - Programming

If you’d like to try the simulator you can do so here.


To spare you all the boring details about trading and investing alike, I’ll keep this short. The single most important thing you need to consider is risk management, or capital preservation. You can have a profitable strategy, and win 75% of the time – but still lose all your capital if you take on to much risk (risk is never absolute). This program is designed to present this idea and provide a risk-free environment.


This was the first program that I ever wrote and I did so during my Java 101 class! I’ll be honest, I couldn’t wrap my head around classes at the time and so this program is far longer in length than it needs to be. You can see all of the code for the project here.

A few months later I started to learn Python and went into much more depth with my studies (although I still consider myself a beginner) and thought it would be fun to refactored all of the code. So.. I did! I ended up reducing the code base by roughly 50% which is viewable here.

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